Top 6 Questions About Custom Frames Answered Here:


 What are Custom Frames?

            When we talk about iPad centerpieces and the custom frame we are referring to the printed boarder around the Ipad screen. This boarder can be fully branded to the theme of your event.


Best ways to utilize the custom frame for ROI?

            Many clients use the custom frame as a sponsorship opportunity. This is a perfect option for a sponsor who is looking for a creative, higher-level sponsorship with maximum visibility. When designing the frame their logo will be incorporated and visible to every guest sitting at the tables. We have seen Digital Centerpiece Sponsorships range from $25,000.00 - $65,000.00


Who creates the custom frame?

            If you decide to use this feature of the ipad centerpiece, we will send a template to your designer for them to fully design. Once you are happy with your design, you will send it back to us so we can proof it. Once the frame is approved by you we will print, die cut and put them on the stands so they are ready to go for your event.


When do you need the artwork?

            We will need the final artwork 10 business days before your event. This gives us time to proof the design and assemble the stands before your event.


What looks best on a custom frame?

            Bold text and subtle design.


What is the custom frame made out of?

            The actual artwork is printed on paper and placed behind an acrylic frame so that they look “custom made” for every event.