A Partnership between Keep Interacting and Lymphoma Research Alliance. 

Lymphoma Research Foundation(LRF) was thrilled to gather inside the Ziegfeld Ballroom for the first time since COVID on September 29, 2022 to celebrate their mission and the advancements they made in patient care, research and advocation. For the 5th Gala in a row they worked side by side with Keep Interacting to make sure the space in the center of their table became an immersive place for guests to learn about these achievements.

Prior to working with Keep Interacting the organization used to have floral centerpieces in the middle of their tables, though they looked pretty, they were a one time use and lacked the ability to educate their audience on their mission. The LRF went to work when planning their gala in 2017 to find a solution for this and discovered Keep Interacting. Keep Interacting was able to work with them to create a presentation that not only highlighted their mission and sponsors but also complimented their program.

During the cocktail hour we placed multiple two ipad centerpieces so that immediately when guests walk into the event they can learn about the mission and educate them on who the Lymphoma Research Foundation is while they enjoyed a cocktail and got ready for the program. After the first year they realized it also acts as a great tool for their guests who attended the event alone or who may feel uncomfortable in a large crowd. It gave these introverted guests a place to anchor themselves, learn about the mission and avoid awkwardly standing in the corner alone contemplating if they should leave or not.

Once the ballroom opened, guests were greeted with an elegant presentation on their table. These ipads coincided with what was happening on the stage and big screens within the ballroom. The content that the LRF found extremely important they highlighted down on the ipads so that their big screens can focus on the live video feed of the podium. During dinner we switched the presentation so that it became a learning tool for guests to explore freely. The main focus was on the mission and sponsorship information. We also made sure there was a place where they could find instructions on how to donate that evening incase guests felt compelled to donate prior to the formal give on stage later in the evening.  During the paddle raise they found it effective to have key examples to educate their potential donors where their money is going. NYC donors have a lot of options when it comes to which organization to support. They want to make sure their money is going to go somewhere that benefits people and the community. By scrolling these key examples it helps reassure people that their money is going to the best place possible.

The LRF finds it very important to make sure that every donor dollar being spent is being spent wisely and they feel that the ipads are a better choice when compared to printed materials and floral centerpieces because they are mission focused and makes sure their voice is heard by every guests at their event.

Keep Interacting and the LRF look forward to returning to the Ziegfeld once again together in the fall of 2023 to continue celebrating their achievements and the ways they better the community.