We feel lucky at Keep Interacting to have such a large client list filled with Non profit Organizations around the United States who use our technology to educate their audience on their mission, and tell these guests how they benefit the communities around them.

The number 1 question I always get when talking to a new client is why Non Profits see value in our product. In this blog post I’m going to explain the 4 main reasons why non profits are tossing out (our downsizing) their florals and printed materials to replace it with our technology.


Non Profits run a very tight budget and can’t waste a dime when it comes to their gala. Every donor dollar counts and making sure that money is spent to showcase their mission and educate their audience is their top priority. Every person at the gala sits down at a table to listen to a 2 hour long program about the mission of the organization, how they benefit the community and why they need the support of the people in the room. Floral centerpieces in the middle of the table wont help sell the mission of the organization but the iPad centerpiece does. The ipads provide a central location within 18” of every guest to showcase the mission of the organization, its supporters, their achievements and reasons why they need more support.


Many organizations make the mistake of packing all this important content into a printed program journal that 90% of your guests will pick up off their table and immediately put  under their seat without even opening it. Your volunteers will end up picking them up at the end of the night and tossing them out. This becomes a waste of time, money and resources because that important information wasn’t even looked at. Some organizations have attempted to take this information and display it on the big screens in the room, but this information becomes even more unseen because when this information is scrolling people are eating and talking at their tables. They aren’t looking at the stage where the screens are, they are looking at the center of their table. By placing the ipads in the middle of the table this information is always right in front of them.


Donor recognition is always an important piece to an event. Giving thanks to the people who have supported you prior to your event always makes them feel welcomed and appreciated. When guests walk into the room we can have a personalized message on every table unique to the person or corporation who purchased it. We can also have a button in the navigation bar where everyone can view the people and organizations who supported you that evening.


Not everyone at your gala will have a complete understanding of your organizations mission, accomplishments and goals. In the world of information that we live in, people want to make sure they know enough about you, and the ways you benefit the community, before they feel compelled to donate their money to your organization. Sometimes this can’t be fully explained in a 2 hour verbal program. Some people absorb information by reading or they may hear something during the program and want to learn more. The iPads are a tool to make sure that your event includes everyone’s learning styles and “fills in the blanks” to raise the most money possible that evening.

            There are many other reasons besides these listed as to why Non profits use our technology, but they all circle back to how Non Profits can use their Gala budget wisely and make sure their mission and goals are always the main focus.