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Custom Branding? No Problem.

K5 was designed with the goal of inspiring audiences, and increasing audience participation. Transforming events starts with the right product, and it happens right in front of you - in an instant.

Beautiful. effective.

Custom branding is a feature utilized by many events, for many reasons.  For example, corporations might enjoy the uniformity of a custom branded event, or a non-profit may explore the fundraising potential for premium ad space.  Whatever your motivation, custom branding is as simple as requesting a template and submitting artwork.  We take care of the rest.
Part of our focus when designing the K5 iPad Centerpiece system was to ensure that it would fit any application.  The stands are available in 2 heights, and in a variety of configurations based on the table shape and size.  Careful consideration was taken during development to design around the spatial needs of dining ware, plates, glasses and and traditional floral centerpieces.
Contact Keep Interacting® for additional information about the design of the K5 Smart iPad Centerpiece.