Live polling, and analytics.

Up close and personal, the K5 Smart Centerpiece is the next generation in event marketing. Powerful technology creates a micro-environment for learning at every table. See for yourself, the future is amazing.
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Broadcast your message beyond the stage, and reach the entire audience.  K5 was designed to facilitate the transmission of information across groups of people.  Your program material can't get any closer, and the only way to touch more people is by physically shaking their hands.

Any questions?

At Keep Interacting®, we feel that understanding your audience is the corner stone to a successful event.  As a result, we developed the ability to capture responses to live polling questions, and immediately produce an analytical report.  Feast on information.  Track analytics down to specific tables, to find out whose snoozing and whose learning at your events.

tell your story.

A front row seat for everyone.

Table Numbers and Personalization

Capture the essence of personalization.  Unique to the K5 iPad Centerpiece, is the ability to focus communications directly to each table.  Use this function to display table numbers on each centerpiece, or to send special recognition to a guest or sponsor.  Imagine how it would feel being at your table, and receiving a personalized thank you from the host!